Learning EMR Systems as a Locum Tenens Worker

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Locum Connections

As a locum tenens worker you can expect to encounter new electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR) systems at every job. The can all be very different, so learning one will not always make it easier to learn the next. How can you cope with having to learn your way around new systems at every job? Is it even worth trying?

All you have to do is speak with your locum tenens network to discover that locum workers are not only making the best of the situation, but many are reaping even greater rewards in the process. Here’s what you should know before you turn down the opportunities inherent to locum tenens work.

Every Job is New

When you become a locum tenens provider, you do so fully aware that you’ll have to learn your way around every new job site. These include dealing with new people and personalities, adopting new processes, and of course, learning new software. Adding EMR/EHR systems to the list of new things you’ll encounter shouldn’t add much stress if you are already prepared for life as a locum tenens.

New EMR/EHR Systems Equal New Opportunities

Every new job provides you with opportunities to learn, expanding your knowledge and skills and fleshing out your resume. When considering locum tenens for open positions, healthcare staffing agents place great importance on exposure to EMR/EHR systems.

There are times where you may have access to paper charts, so while you may not have dealt with the specific EMR/EHR system a healthcare facility works with, your experience with a wide range of software will give you a leg up on other professionals. By showing an ability to adapt to new systems, you will have a smaller learning curve to overcome. This will allow you to spend your time treating patients instead of fumbling with computer software.

As a result, the EMR/EHR training you receive at each facility will provide for more job offers when your next contract expires.

Arrive Prepared

When starting a new job, you’ll be expected to hit the ground running. In order to ensure a smooth transition, most healthcare providers will try to help locum tenens workers by providing some training.You can also find many EMR/EHR systems training on Youtube.

If you’re aware of the EMR/EHR system in use beforehand, you may be able to learn on your own in order to prepare for the job. Ideally, your job will overlap with a locum worker or regular employee that is leaving to provide some on-the-job training before you’re expected to know how the system works.

You may also have the chance to confer with IT staff in order to familiarize yourself with essential software. All of these options can make you better prepared to handle the challenges of using EMR systems when you’re a locum tenens worker.