Our healthcare roots offer a distinct advantage.
If you’re a physician considering locum tenens work, we understand what you’re looking for. We’ve been there. We know what it’s like to discover you’ve been booked at a budget motel by the interstate for the duration of an assignment. When your paycheck is late. When you keep getting juggled from one employee to another at your placement firm. When follow-up is lax, or not at all.

If you’re a hospital executive, we understand what you’re looking for, too. We know you want dedication, great service and consistent follow-up from your placement firm. We know you’d appreciate a firm that is not just a talent broker, but one that has its roots in healthcare. We also know you want a firm that treats its doctors well, too—one that delivers a good fit so you can get out of the search business and get on with the business of healthcare.

It’s the reason we started Locum Connections.
We do things differently.
Better Doctors
We know the hospitals we work with won’t be satisfied with us unless our doctors are satisfied, too. That’s why we put an intense focus on customer service that is second to none. Solid credentialing services, fast payroll, concierge-level travel arrangements, consistent follow-up, quick response by experienced people who are passionate about their work and love their role in the physician staffing process. It all adds up to a great placement experience for physician and hospital alike.
Stronger Connections
Working with a growing number of hospital partners and physicians, Locum Connections has built two quality networks: an easily accessible network of quality healthcare organizations who use our services, as well as a network of quality, hospital-trained and clinic-based locum tenens physicians available across a number of geographic locations. The result? We can make the best matches happen. Quickly. Smoothly. With confidence they will last.
Healthcare Know-how
Unlike outside staffing firms, we operate in the clinical healthcare space. We have had the direct experience of developing and supporting physician practices that serve hospitals across the country. That direct and personal experience makes Locum Connections unique in understanding what it takes to solve physician staff deficiencies, as well as the impact it has on clinical practice models.