Top 5 Benefits of Being a Locum Tenens Physician

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  1.  Avoid Burnout

Working as a physician is stressful. If you are feeling exhausted, you are not alone. Studies show that at any given point in time, 1 in 3 physicians is suffering from burnout. Between seeing patients during the day and being “on-call” at night, it may seem like you have no work / life balance. Working as a locum tenens can solve this problem. As a locum, you can work as hard as you want to for a short amount of time. When the assignment is over, you have time to recoup and replenish your energy levels before starting another assignment.

  1. Schedule Flexibility

As a locum tenens you have the ability and freedom to make your own schedule. Whether you want to take vacations throughout the year or just spend more time with family, working as a locum tenens would allow you to do this! Many physicians go into private practice because they want more control over their work environment and schedule. Having your own practice is flexible, but also much more stressful. Being a locum tenens gives you this sense of freedom, but at a lower stress level.

  1. Change of Scenery

Are you tired of feeling like you are stuck in one place? Or do you feel like it is impossible to travel as much as you want while maintaining a full-time position as a physician? If so, working as a locum tenens is the answer! You can take on as many assignments as you want, which means you can travel to as many places as you want. This will give you a chance to have new experiences in new places without sacrificing your paycheck to do so.

  1. Knowledge Sharing

When you are working in different practices as a locum tenens, you are going to pick up useful knowledge. You will get to experience many different methods, techniques and workflows. This can positively impact all your future assignments because it will allow you to apply this gained knowledge in a variety of settings.

  1. Financial Benefits

Whether you are just out of school and have student loan debt from medical school, or if you are retiring and want to supplement your income, working as a locum tenens physician can benefit your bank account. Locum tenens also have travel, lodging and malpractice insurance expenses covered, which will help increase your income even more.

-Dr. Mac McCormick